From a High School

To Whom It May Concern:

In October, the staff of Jordan Plus High School invited Dr. Hyder Zahed to speak at a faculty meeting. The motivation behind the invitation was to regenerate the staff and their mission for the students who attend our school. Our school is not your conventional high school. We are designed to help students who have failed in the past to recover their credits toward graduation. This means that our students are used to failure and changing their mindsets has become an arduous task. As a result, our teachers can become quite tired in their endeavors trying to convince our students of the importance of graduating from high school.

Dr. Zahed came to us to present his book – Create Your Legacy – and to help our teachers to refocus on their mission and goals for our students. He did a remarkable job. By the end of his session, one could see and feel the energy level in the room increase. His ability to help us to see the good we do on a daily basis is to be commended. His passionate message is one that we all need at the critical times when we feel as if giving up is the only option. Since his presentation, many of the staff have come to me and expressed thanks. A great number of them read the book on a daily basis for inspiration.

Jordan Plus has been successful in getting students to graduate who otherwise would not. Dr. Zahed’s message and book reconfirmed that mission, and has laid the ground work for the future. I believe that he can be a valuable asset to any team that needs to refocus their mission and will give new life to your organization.


Lew Kerns

Site Administrator

Jordan Plus High School

From Reverends

Below is a testimonial from a Reverend who read, “Create Your Legacy.”

Date: May 4, 2015 at 9:38:30 AM PDT

“I was so compelled by ‘Create Your Legacy’ that I chose to create an entire series of talks around the primary concepts in Dr. Hyder’s book. Not only was the book an easy read for me and my congregation, but it also gave powerful and direct calls to action. All too often the concepts of our philosophy are muffled by an overly intellectualized approach to them. ‘Create Your Legacy’ reminds us that to live a truly inspired life we must simply call ourselves to be genuine and to act with guiding principles. I would strongly suggest this book to readers of all levels and to spiritual communities of every faith.”

Rev. Brian Akers, Sr. Spiritual Leader, Columbia Center for Spiritual Living, Columbia, MD

Here is a testimonial from Rev. Joshua Reeves for the workshop I presented at the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

Date: November 21, 2014 at 11:06:55 AM PST

Dr. Hyder Zahed’s personal story of empowerment and straightforward message on legacy inspired our congregation.   A sincere presence, Hyder brought humility, inquisitiveness, and practical wisdom to his points, also engaging our congregation in articulating and thinking about the topics themselves.  A wonderful individual and presenter.


From a Veteran

Dr. Zahed has been able to transform his memories into fine art in this concise and most remarkable book. This book is nothing short of spectacular, each idea about Love, Generosity, Gratitude and Compassion is more incredible than the last. A spare and lovely memoir, and the power of this book stems from its perspective and sentimental prose. This book kept me awake long after the rest of the house had fallen asleep. I am a Vietnam Veteran and in reading this book, a precious gift from a dear friend, made me face the daunting challenge of attempting to understand my own life, forgive and lose the memories that have haunted me over forty some years. It made me pull-myself-by-my-bootstraps and try to live my life fully with Love, Generosity, Gratitude and Compassion.

Just read the introduction and I can defy anyone who will not want to go on. It is airy yet sad, quirky and loving. It is a great memoir of resilience and redemption, it gave me the tools not only to take care of myself, but also to reach out to others who might already have or are about to go through the never-ending post-war trauma. In honor of my own father who served this country and as an ode to the young men and women who continue to serve this country, I will be using this great book as a tool for counseling in peer support groups for war veterans through the Outreach Program. I will be joined by a childhood friend and peer Vietnam War veteran, in driving home the point that if we can just focus on the Legacy Circle of Love, Generosity, Gratitude and Compassion to get us through the hurdles we face once we get back into civilian life, half my work is done. My friend and I have decided to name our support group Veteran’s Angel, in honor of a friend, no more and no less an angel, who gifted this book to us. God Bless our Angel, Dr. Zahed, God Bless the young men and women who serve this country risking their young lives so that the rest of us can be safe and secure, God Bless America!

H-A. Robson
March 15, 2014
South Carolina, USA

From a Veterans Group

December 14, 2014

 I would like to personally thank Dr. Hyder Zahed for his inspiring words to our Veterans who participate in The Rock Club Rock for Vets.  He spoke with passion and with a genuine sincerity to our group of Veterans in our music program.  Dr. Hyder Zahed had no motive nor gain whatsoever.  He wanted to just to tell his story of his Legacy and to hopefully ignite the genuine little things we all should do in our life to make it just that much better.   Our mission is to create a music education/instructional program for Veterans and others at-risk by offering music education/instruction classes.  Whether one can already play an instrument, can sing or if they just have the desire to learn and while building career skills transferable to the music industry all in a supportive and educational environment.

Founded in 2010 and originally commenced at the VA Long Beach (now call the Ernest Borgnine Theatre in Long Beach our home), we provided a different type of calming and comforting program to our Veterans.  Music instruction, one on one mentoring and life skill coaching provided.  Through active participation Veterans from the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Spinal Cord, Brain Injury and other emotional and physical traumas find that involvement in The Rock Club Rock For Vets program reduces stress, improves their quality of life and begins the healing process by engaging with other Veterans.  They reap the rewards of the small successes they experience while learning to perform as part of a band.

Thank you again Dr. Zahed for your visit, and we look forward to having you back many times.



Executive Director – The Rock Club ‘Rock For Vets’


Customer Book Reviews

Every person should read this book. It truly will change how you think about life, and when practiced, will help guide every interaction you have with people in your life. The book is about what legacy (LGGC) we should leave on this earth. Love. Gratitude. Generosity. Compassion.Dr. Hyder Zahed draws on his deep knowledge of philosophers, as well as his own life experiences, to create a book that I know I will keep by my bedside and refer to again and again and again. It would make an excellent Christmas gift, birthday gift or gift for someone you may know who is struggling to find what is truly important in life or wants to improve their everyday interactions. And, for anyone who wants to leave the world with a legacy that is truly meaningful.
I found Dr. Zahed’s book very useful for my current situation. I’ve had to abandon all activities unrelated to caring for my wife who is fighting cancer and is home bound all the time. The LGGC model I find very useful for that: Entering the Love portal – made it easy to abandon any personal activities (like tutoring at the Literacy center); Generosity – being especially humble realizing that what is most important right now is her need for lots of emotional and caring support, and not my needs; Gratitude – having her see every moment how much I love her through my daily support for feeding, bathing, medicine giving and discussions about the “future”, indicating how much I appreciate having received her love all these years (married for 41 years so far); Compassion – my realization that she is struggling and suffering and needs all the comfort she can get from me and others which caused me to search beyond medical assistance (I have recently organized a team of alternative medicine practitioners to provide acupuncture, Reiki and reflexology. I recommend this book for anyone going through difficult times.


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