Hyder ZahedDr. Hyder Zahed

Dr. Hyder Zahed is scientist, author, speaker and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He is a regular speaker at Kaiser Permanente and at Rotary clubs. He has conducted workshops for college students, high school teachers, Veteran groups, practicing psychologists, physician organizations, retirement centers, professional associations and at Spiritual Centers. Dr. Zahed held management positions in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years. He is the author of the book Create Your Legacy: Four Portals to Living a Life of Love and Caring. A twenty-five page manifesto for his daughter, grew into a book to be shared with all others, motivating everyone to leave his or her own footprint of living a life of love and caring.

Author’s Statement

The inspiration for Create Your Legacy:Four Portals to Living a Life of Love and Caring, came from a desire to first honor my parents; second, answer the question, ‘Who am I?;’ and third, to leave a legacy of a combination of these two facets of my life for my posterity and to benefit the lives of others. The necessary motivation and action to actually complete this project was a result of having faced some rather serious challenges and wanting to work through them in writing versus letting them overwhelm me. I did not want to be bogged down with bitterness, ungratefulness, ingratitude and total lack of compassion for others. I utilized the deepest indispensable resources within me, to gain serenity, balance and enthusiasm to come home to at night and to go with in the morning to face whatever other challenges or blessings I might face each day.

The scientist in me needed a foundational, basic formula for how I would choose to live my life. An acronym emerged – LGGC (pronounced Legacy) – which stands for Love, Generosity, Gratitude and Compassion. My book, workshops, and talk about your legacy are transformational primers that can serve as a catalyst for those who want to live a life of purpose, in spite of major roadblocks and unexpected earthly droughts.

The basic LGGC formula has become invaluable for me, and I am certain that it will inspire others to create their own lasting legacies. In my book and workshops I share suggestions to visualize desirable changes for a better life by making conscious, legacy-creating decisions; and to leave positive, precious legacies for future generations.